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Tweaker Vocabulary

          Amped: High on speed, in the way that is desired and sought by users; see also: Over-amped.

Bag Fag: A straight man that has sex with other guys when he receives a bag of dope in return.

Bag Whore: Cruising for drugs more than the hook-up, a bag whore is the woman who is always happy to use your stash but never has or buys speed of their own; a woman who replies to “has favors” and “can host” basicly will have sex with a guy or girl for that matter in return for getting them high, they answer these profiles but never provides the speed.

Bump: A small amount of speed, usually less than a line, most often snorted.

Cook: Someone who manufactures meth.

Crank: A variety of speed commonly seen as “dirty” or “dishwater”; cheap, crappy speed; see also: Dick Dope, Raw.

Crash: Coming down from high. Symptoms include physical exhaustion, sleepiness, depression and mental confusion.

Crystal: The kind of speed we seek out, in its “pure” crystalline form, looking like bits of glass or ice; see also: Shards.

Dick Dope: Also called Dirty Dope, this term refers to cheap, less-than-pure (though very little of what we get is truly pure, right?) speed.

Domer: A hit from a pipe; blowing a white cloud of smoke so thick, it goes straight to your dome.

Hit: The amount usually ingested via whatever means of administration one has chosen; this can be a Bump or a Line or whatever other amount one uses.

Kingsford: Someone who burns the dope inside a PIZZO.

Line: Think the 1970s and cocaine; a literal line of powdered speed ready for snorting.

Match Head: The amount of crystal that used to get you through 12 cocktails and a whole night at an after-hours club (about the size of the ignitable end of a match, but isn’t enough to get you out of bed today.

Nut Rocket: When a guy cum’s high on meth, typically there is an exaggerated orgasm and the ejaculation of the sperm can be as far as 9 ft.

Over-Amped: Higher than you want to be, too much of a good thing way too soon.

Pizzo: Glass pipe used for smoking meth, also known as a bowl, stem, tool or utensil.

Point: A syringe; also called Rigs, Sets, Fits, Pencils… check at your local needle exchange and ask what they call them.

Quarter: One-fourth of a gram, the usual minimum purchase amount.

Ramping: Using incrementally larger amounts over an accustomed, usually short period of time in a an attempt to reach the desired effect; this is something that comes with practice.

Raw: As in Crank and Dick Dope above, this is crappy, dishwater dope akin to old-school biker speed.

Skid Marks: Black carbon on the outside of a PIZZO, caused by the lighter or torch.

Toot: A straw or gutted pen used to snort/scoop/handle meth.

Trail Mix Ecstasy and speed in powdered form, usually heard &/or shared on the dance floor via a bumper. Sometimes it’s coke, not speed mixed with the E.

Tweak Rim: A over the top anal licking.

Z’s: Ounces, when purchasing or selling in such quantity/volume.

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